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What is White Noise?

White Noise Benefits and Uses

White Noise for Tinnitus Relief

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White Noise Benefits and Uses

White noise has a variety of benefits and applications.  Because of its sound masking properties, white noise is ideal both as a concentration aid and a relaxation aid, and is useful in a huge range of situations.  With portable white noise, such as a white noise cd, white noise finds applications in a great deal of everyday situations.

White Noise For Sleeping and Snoring Relief
White noise is a very popular sleeping aid.  A white noise generator can provide pure white noise to block snoring and other unwanted sounds, leading to deeper, more restful sleep.  For those who sleep with snoring partners, white noise is a solution that can finally provide relief from snoring.  Unlike other snoring solutions, white noise doesn't work by trying to stop snoring.  Instead, white noise cds and other white noise makers provide sound masking that makes it easy to ignore disturbing sounds, providing snoring relief that makes it possible to get a good night's sleep again.  Whether the unwanted sounds are snoring, traffic, or noisy neighbors, white noise offers the sleeping solution.

Office White Noise
White noise is also excellent for sound masking in an office setting.  Because real white noise allows the brain to ignore even distracting ambient sounds, white noise is often used in the workplace.  Instead of listening to the distracting and often annoying sounds of the office and chatting coworkers, white noise allows you to concentrate on the task at hand.  Today, workplaces are adopting integrated white noise systems, in which white noise is played evenly over a speaker-system throughout large workspaces to provide relief, and even some degree of speech privacy, to employees.  A smaller version of this solution is available through taking a white noise maker to work.  White noise cds can be played in any radio or even through a computer's speakers, to provide personal relief from distractions.

Travel White Noise
Portable white noise can be a lifesaver.  Noisy hotel rooms and frustrating plane rides shouldn't be the hallmark of any vacation or business trip, but often travel can become irritating for just these reasons.  Portable white noise can be taken on a plane to soothe the chatter and crying babies, and then into the hotel room to drown out unfamiliar and disturbing noises for a good night's sleep.  White noise machines often have adapters available to make them helpful on international trips -- and a white noise cd can be taken anywhere a portable cd player can go.

White Noise For Infants
White noise for baby is a very popular solution for babies and young children.  Perfectly safe, white noise for infants is designed to block harsh and unfriendly noises.  In this way, white noise can be used to help create a safe and comforting environment for infants.  Often it is a sudden sound -- a slamming door, music, a raised voice, or the tv -- that disturbs a sleeping baby, and white noise can help to both block those unwanted noises and to soothe infants back to sleep.  There are special varieties of white noise ("baby white noise") that featuring soothing sounds or womb noises mixed with white noise, designed specifically to help infants sleep.

Tinnitus White Noise
White noise is one of the only solutions available for tinnitus relief.  For more information on tinnitus and tinnitus white noise, click here.


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White noise is best heard through hi-fi speakers or headphones.  If you are listening to these white noise clips through laptop speakers, keep in mind that the sound you are hearing may not be pure white noise.


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